Veterans Consulting Services, LLC Offers Veterans Affairs Support Services in Alpharetta, GA 30009

Veterans Consulting Services, LLC is your premier veterans affairs support services group based in Alpharetta, GA, specializing in veterans benefits consulting services. I Have Firsthand Knowledge Working At The Vet Center, Veterans Benefits Administration, And VA Medical Center. I Have Witnessed How Veterans Are Being Mistreated Waiting Years To Be Eventually Denied VA Benefits. It Took Me 21 Years Fighting The VA Regional Office Tooth And Nail To Get “Permanent And Total” Status After Appealing Denied Claims To A Judge In Washington, D.C. Our Veterans Deserve Better And That’s Why I Wrote My Book, "The Game Changer; Winning Strategies to Obtain Veterans' Disability, Social Security and Appeals," To Leave A Legacy Behind To Help Those Who Are Feeling Helpless, Frustrated And Lost In Navigating The VA And Social Security Systems.

At Veterans Consulting Services, LLC, I offer advice to military members who are separating or retiring, on active duty, veterans, and their loved ones on the process of how to file VA claims, VA appeals, and veterans social security benefits. Furthermore, I can provide excellent assistance in veterans documentations, veterans medical records, veterans disability, Nexus letter consulting, DBQ services, and more.

As a veterans consulting specialist, I understand my clients' complete needs to best serve them as a successful advocate of their cause, rather than only those of legal matters. I provide an initial 15-minute consultation confidentially, and without obligation, to determine the nature and extent of a veterans' specific needs to obtain their highest VA rating.

Services Provided:

  1. Review cases and offer assessments to determine the best route veterans should take in their pursuit of VA Benefits.

  2. Help veterans understand the rules and regulations regarding the compensation they are seeking.

  3. Offer assistance to veterans with their initial application for benefits to finish.

  4. Help veterans obtain their medical records, nexus letters, and DBQ’S to position veterans to win their VA Claims and Appeals.

  5. Refer veterans to professionals including specific doctors and lawyers to help facilitate veterans’ Claims and Appeals.

  6. Assist veterans in completing proper paperwork for VA Claims and Social Security.

  7. Assist veterans in filing for the following: chronic conditions, Total Rating Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU), VA Compensation & Pension Examination, VA Rating Decisions and veterans next options to take.

  8. Help explain what Five Star Medical Evidence in medical records needed to win VA Claims and Appeals.

If you seek a veterans consulting specialist, who is truly responsive and comprehends your situation, you need to look no further. For more information, please contact me at Veterans Consulting Services, LLC today!

Jimmy Cave
Motivational Speaker
Veterans Consulting Advisor

Consultations are by appointment only! In-person, telephone, and online consultations are available. Appointments must be scheduled in advance.

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